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2019-1st Diagnosis


On February 10th, he was blowing out the candles on his Monsters Inc birthday cake and turning 3, on February 11 he was receiving a diagnosis of having a brain tumor, called: Medulloblaastoma.  


He would spend the next week having an 8 hour surgery to remove a majority of the tumor which was the size of a lime sitting on his brain stem and blocking the fluid from draining from his brain.  He had a drain put in to alleviate pressure and would soon begin treatment.  

Quinn underwent  a rigorous treatment  under the "Headstart IV" medical trial.  This consisted of 3 rounds of platinum chemotherapies and one round of "induction" (very high dose) chemotherapy and on June 6, 2019  he underwent an autologous stem cell transplant. 

2021-2nd Diagnosis


On January 29, 2021 Quinn went through his routine 3 month monitoring MRI, where they discovered 2 new nodules & a lesion in a different location than the original tumor site, on his cerebellum.

Due to these "new disease" nodules/cancer being located so far in the brain from the original location, he is considered to have metastic disease.  


March 2, 2021, he will  begin 6 weeks of high dose radiation 5 days a week.  

This will be full brain and spine concentrated in the hopes that all brain cancer cells are eradicated.

For more information on the Mighty Quinn, please visit the Friends of Mighty Quinn website at

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